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Li Jinguo, Present of the board

A member of the Communist Party of China ,A Deputy of the people's congresses of the municipal level,The vice president of the General Chamber of Commerce in Xuzhou,The vice president of the private enterprise association in Xuzhou,The director of the caring about the coming generation committee among enterprises in Xuzhou,The Advanced Individual in Xuzhou,The Excellent Entrepreneur for undergoing transformation o carrying out technological upgrading,China's public welfare ambassador of love,The Excellent Entrepreneur for brand building,The Top Ten Leading Figures for technological innovation in Jiangsu,The President of Jiangsu Baikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.The General Manager of Jiangsu Baikang Textile Co., Ltd.The General Manager of Jiangsu Baikang Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd.The General Manager of Jiangsu Baikang Jiale Oil Co., Ltd.

I wish to pay high tribute to our sales team and those people from all cycles who are concerned about the growth of our company.

I believe in myself.

I believe in our company.

I believe that there is no standing for a person if he has no integrity.

I believe our team is a honest and credible one.

We do our job painstakingly and take honesty as the best honesty.

We do our job with more care because we love it.

We are devoted and challenge ourselves so as to move from being good to great.

We take honesty as our policy and expect to win honesty with out honesty. We can promise that wholeheartedly.

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