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 Management idea

Our company has devoted to research, popularize the production technology to make health food out of ginkgo. We have established a integrated system of online and offline management, including ginkgo base construction, purchase of raw materials, thermostat storage, research & production, testing& inspection and sales and service. Our products include ginkgo capsule, ginkgo infusion, ginkgo wine, ginkgo cider, ginkgo and garlic capsule and ginkgo skin care cosmetics, etc.

Ginkgo is a living fossil of creatures on earth and also a kind of green and health food. Pizhou is the largest plantation base of ginkgo. Baikang Co., Ltd. has relied on the modern technology to deeply explore the essence of ginkgo and to make the cause of the health-care food become stronger. We have aimed to be the leading enterprise and establish a business chain combining the major business of the company and other high-quality businesses. We hope to develop more series of health-care food, improve the concept of green and heal-care food of the whole society, promote the quality of people’s life and serve the cause of human health care. Devoting tothe health undertaking of human beings, our career belongs to the public service, the health-care service and also the sunrise industry. 

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