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 Corporate culture

Making a first class corporation brand and creating value beyond measure is the mission of Baikang Baikang Co., Ltd.

Being honest and pragmatic, maintaining a corporation to achieve a win-win situation and pursuing excellence are the core values of Baikang Co., Ltd.

Unity is just the heart of a company.

We rely on the the strength of the collective and bring team work in to full play so that we can provide the inexhaustible power for Baikang Co., Ltd. to achieve greater successes.

Being pragmatic is just like the hands of a company. It is always held in Baikang Co., Ltd. that being pragmatic works as the foundation for further development of a company in the fierce competition. Only by laying a solid foundation can a company withstand various difficulties, survive and thrive.

An all-win strategy is like the vigilant eyes of a company. Baikang Co., Ltd. has rested on the basis of self-reliance and applied the external forces optionally so as to become stronger and enhance its ability to safeguard itself from business abilities and realize a win-win cooperation.

Development is the brain of a company. Baikang Co., Ltd. has kept pace with the latest technology and consider the role of leading enterprise and serving the society as its ever lasting endeavor, thus realizing its enterprise values and social values to the maximum extent.

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