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Jiangsu Baikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.was founded in 2006 in Pizhou, the transportation hub of water, land as well as air in northern Jiangsu Province and also the township of the ginkgo in China. It is situated in Ginkgo Exposition Park of the state level which is also the national GAP base for the ginkgo.  

The GAP base has a ginkgo forest covering 50,000 mu and our company’s headquarters have a factory covering 80 mu with a floor space for 30,000 square meters. Among them, the comprehensive business building covers an area of 6,300 square meters, the company hotel 4,200 square meters, the GMP production workshop and laboratory of health food 5,180 square meters, and the reserve warehouse with a low or mild atmospheric temperature 1,100 square meters.

Our company has been equipped with 7 fully automated production line and has a tangible assets of 200,000,000 RMB. We have specialized in manufacturing more than 10 items which have been confirmed as the credited products by China Light Industry Products Quality Guarantee Center. These items have enabled our company to get three national patents and become the high-tech demonstrative organizations of the provincial level. 


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